Tina T. Laws is a riveting professional whose mission is to empower professional women to achieve career success while maintaining a nurturing and fulfilling marriage. Tina has been privileged to coach corporate, public, and non-profit leaders and managers, married couples, single and divorced women, men and teens as well as the offending population.

She is a nationally recognized brand, being a certified relationship and couples intimacy coach, accredited mediator, facilitator, co-producer and talk show host, advocate, and executive leader with over 15 years of experience.

She’s extremely grateful to be able to apply her master’s in criminal justice, bachelor’s in psychology, relationship coaching, mediation, domestic violence, and certifications to her daily interaction with clients. Tina credits her academic, professional, personal, and social experiences as the driving force behind her knowledge of relationships, conflict, and communication. Tina is most grateful that God has guided her through some of the most conflicting personal, professional, and social experiences.

As a teen domestic violence survivor, then insecure single parent, Tina had to learn to own her position in relationships by doing the internal work to empower herself. It wasn’t until she married the love of her life, did she realize how broken and selfish she was, and how much scars she was wearing from a previous failed relationship. After much trial and error, and learning how to prioritizing her marriage, she now travels to speak, coach, and mediate, teaching healthy conflict resolution and effective communication utilizing her tools and workshops.

As a corporate and nonprofit force, Tina continues to work with leaders in business to teach them how to balance a thriving and successful career while maintaining a happy and fulfilling marriage. She has seen first-hand the negative affects of business leaders and managers who prioritze their careers. While people are committed to career success, many don’t have the necessary tools to simultaneously prioritize their marriage.  She strongly believes that happily married people are more likely to be happy at work and more successful, as they have the support of a loving partner.

Tina motivates her clients to increase their confidence and foster healthy intimate, social and working relationships.

Tina’s results speak for themselves, she has had 15-plus years of successfully coaching passive and aggressive clients, victims of abusive relationships, corporate leaders and teams to manage conflict, diversity, and inclusion, divorced and single women, married couples, the offending population (men, women, and trainees) and women seeking to become entrepreneurs. She believes that her 14 years of work experience with the offending population is by far her truest test of successfully balancing relationships and managing conflict. Tina is also known for her engaging, relatable, honest, humorous, and direct, coaching style.

She is passionate about showing women how they can be career driven and still have a happy marriage. Tina works with individuals and within organisations to help their people maintain healthy relationships at work and at home.

Our Services:

  • Consultations
  • Couples & Women Coaching Programs
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Corporate Training, Workshops and Private Events

Here are some of our key coaching, speaking and training workshops:

Own It in 6 weeks – Group Coaching for Women Are you ready to take charge of your relationships and transform the way you communicate with others? Introducing the ‘Own It’ in 6 weeks Group Coaching program offered by Tina Laws Consulting. This program is designed exclusively for women who are seeking to enhance their communication skills and improve their intimate, professional, and social relationships.

VIP Couples Program – Introducing the VIP Couples Program by Tina Laws Consulting – Your Secret to Relationship Bliss! Are you feeling like your relationship is hanging by a thread? Constant arguments leaving you emotionally drained? Feeling invisible and unappreciated in your own partnership? It’s time to stop settling for less and start prioritizing your happiness with our exclusive VIP Couples Program.

Leadership and Team Trainings’– Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your colleagues or staff? Do you find yourself constantly hitting roadblocks due to culture and diversity issues? Have you been unfairly labeled and unable to break free from negative perceptions? Is your communication style unintentionally offending others? And most importantly, are you striving to earn that next promotion but need to optimize your communication skills? Look no further! Tina Laws Consulting’s Leadership and Team Training is here to support you on your journey towards effective and harmonious communication within your workplace.

Mediation in the Workplace Tina Laws Consulting offers Workplace Mediation services to resolve conflicts and restore harmony within organizations. We serve as neutral third-party mediators who aim to negotiate and resolve conflicts amicably, avoiding drastic measures like terminations or leave. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Training for Senior Management -. Introducing Tina Laws Consulting’s game-changing solution: the “Domestic Violence Awareness Training for Senior Management”. Designed to empower organizations in supporting their employees who may be facing abuse, whether inside or outside working hours.


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