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'The Power of Communication in Action' - Leadership and / or Staff Training

Do you find it challenging to connect with colleagues or staff?  Has culture and diversity been a roadblock? Have you been labeled as dictatorial, a helicopter or difficult staff member? Does your communication style offend others? Need to optimize communication to earn your next promotion?

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This one-day interactive group training is for Leaders and Team members seeking innovative ways to improve their professional and personal communication style, develop a strategy to address team conflict and effectively communicate with diverse cultures.

Together, we will rewire your outlook on effective communication and secure tools for today and beyond.

This training can also be tailored for individuals seeking 1:1 and group coaching and support.

VIP Coaching for Leaders

Do you often feel overwhelmed with your daily work routine and tasks? Seeking to better manage staff conflict? Have passive-aggressive coworkers and /or boss? Find it challenging  to prioritize personal time? Prepared multiple  drafts of  your resignation letter?

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Your leadership role entails far more than the day-to-day operations and functionality listed on your job description. We will work together to strategize ways to help you easily pivot beyond conflict, miscommunication and relationship challenges at work, at home and in the world.

We will provide the tools to help you delegate, separate your career and personal life, and strategically position you for a promotion, increase in salary, entrepreneurship, career change or management.

Domestic Violence Awareness Training for Senior Management

Does staff often call in sick? Get too many visits or telephone calls from their significant other? Do staff opt out of office functions or refuse to stay late? Show up with obvious bruises? A sudden change in hair or clothing style? Often request a salary advancement? 
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These are just some of the signs to indicate that your employee or employer may be experiencing abuse outside or during working hours. This domestic violence awareness training is for senior management, security and staff who willingly agree to participate in the training. You will learn the various aspects of domestic violence, the appropriate approach and referral process and ways to eliminate or protect staff from an onsite tragedy.

We also provide mediation services for staff displaying bullying, harrassment, miscommunication and discrimination.

What does one’s personal relationship woes have to do with your organization? Many employers and HR professionals may not realize that by acknowledging employees who may be experiencing the crime of domesitc abuse, they can actually save their company from future legal risks, big losses, and decreased staff productivity. “Therefore, it is imperative that Under Konstruction provide employers the necessary tools to help staff feel happy, supported and safe. Now that’s productivity!”

Workplace Mediation

Has bullying , miscommunication, harassment and discrimination fueled workplace conflict?
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Understanding how stressful and distracting this is in the working environment, as the neutral third party professional, we help alleviate the burden by orchestrating the process to negotiate and resolve the situation amicably. Mediation is also a cost effective resource helping to prevent the hiring process, untimely termination and garden leave.

We support HR professionals, senior management, supervisors and staff. You can also request us to facilitate training and workshops specific for your team.

‘Own It’ in 6 weeks | 1:1 Coaching for Assertive Women

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Do others find you too aggressive or bossy? Are you labeled as too independent? Do you struggle to prioritize your personal needs? Do you find it difficult to trust others? Are you ready to have better relationships?

Together, we will identify your personal communication style, establish your desired relationships and reposition you to pivot beyond past and current conflicting situations, miscommunication and relationship challenges. Let me help you to refine your communication skills, better manage your intimate, professional and social relationships; and strategize how you interact with others. In other words, I will help you to ‘own your position’ in relationships

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Repositioning Consultation | Couples

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During our time together, we will discuss what you believe to be most important. Ultimately, you will walk away with action steps towards fulfilling your desired result.

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Repositioning Consultation | One on One

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During our time together, we will discuss what you believe to be most important. Ultimatley, you will walk away with action steps towards fulfilling your desired result

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VIP Couples Program

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If you are experiencing one or more of the  following, this VIP program for you!

Are you on the brink of a breakup? Constantly arguing? Do you feel invisible? Does the couch or bed now seem too small? Does date night feel like a chore? Did infidelity cripple the relationship? Has laughter become something of the past? Are financial decisions affecting the relationship? Do your parenting styles clash?

During our time together, I will help you to rediscover your individual communication styles to match each other. You will learn how to effectively communicate your feelings, address concerns and ongoing challenges. You will gain a new understanding of what it means to re-commitment. You will learn the importance of placement of family and friends. Most importantly, you will learn how to pivot, together. You will receive the tools for your relationship tool box and choose which tools to use first.

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What our clients say

Riveting, Empathetic, Extremely informative! The highly professional yet, very personable manner in which Tina conducted the session under the banner of her Coaching service was much appreciated!

Margaret A. Phillips

After weekly coaching with Tina, I gained my confidence to own my position as a Woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a niece and any position that came my way. 

Lawanda Ball
Premium Banker

I trusted the process and her. Don’t delay your freedom~ you’ve seen her quotes, watched her videos, and read her emails: Do this for your life; book a session.

Felica DeRoza

After Tina’s events, I walk away feeling encouraged, connected to other women, and comfortable with my decision to have attended. The bonding through relationship event was an amazing experience.

Chanika Jones
Interior Designer

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tina, on several occasions, and I can confidently attest that her work has transformed our team dynamics. Her approach is effective, insightful, and personalized to our specific needs. She has given us the tools and strategies to navigate difficult situations, communicate effectively, and build trust and respect amongst one another. Thanks to her guidance, our team is happier, healthier, and more productive. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their relationships, both personally and professionally.

Hanifah Smith
Spa Owner

Thank you, Tina. I found the workshop inspiring, interesting and so helpful to understand myself and my communication better. I have more clarity in understanding my feelings (and) needs and observing my judgments, stories, and assumptions. I found it very valuable to deeply understand my needs (before) choosing actions that I can take. The course exceeded my expectations and was entirely relevant.


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