Tina Laws Credentials

Tina Laws Credentials

Tina went on to work as an Executive Director in a non-profit organization and saw first hand the communication challenges in today’s workplace and how conflict could easily be avoided and resolved if people had the right training and skills. Tina now facilitates workshops, speaks globally on communication in the workplace, and coaches leaders and managers and intimate couples on effective communication in today’s world. She is passionate about teaching how effective communication is key to better relationships at home, at work and in the world!

Tina T. Laws is a nationally recognized brand, being an experienced relationship coach, accredited mediator, facilitator, talk show host, advocate, and executive leader with over 15 years of experience. Her experience is vast and extends from community leadership, financial management, facilitating workshops, and advocating for women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality, to mediation, public speaking, empowering entrepreneurs, program development, and client management both locally and overseas. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Walden University, and is an accredited Mediator, specializing in Workplace Mediation.

Tina has studied a wide range of verbal and non-verbal communication styles and applied these skills during 13 years of working with the offending population in Bermuda’s Correctional Facilities, as a Probation Officer, Education Therapist in the Bermuda Public School System, and beyond. She saw that the key to successful communication lay in understanding the cultural background of each person. This built trust and respect and allowed for conflict to be resolved and healthy relationships created. Additionally, Tina has spent the last 15-plus years coaching professional women, couples and victims of domestic violence to have better relationships. This is why she was invited by Lamone Woods of Crimson Multimedia to be a Bermuda Television talk show host, her show which she co-produced is called “Relationship Theory” and episodes still can be seen today on Channel 82 and her YouTube channel, with Season 2 to air later this year. As a distinguished passionate, charismatic, and engaging public speaker, Tina can be seen speaking on panels and facilitating workshops for schools, nonprofits, and corporations, featured on international podcasts, and has been published in the media on the Royal Gazette, Bernews, Bermudian Magazine, Magic 107.5 radio, and SheHubtv among others. Her most recent accomplishment was being a keynote speaker at Tuskegee University. Tina was most notably selected as a 2019 recipient for the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) which is the U.S Department of State’s premier professional exchange program that selects professional emerging leaders from around the world to the United States.

Tina is the CEO of Under Konstruction, a business she started in 2016 as a response to the high demand for domestic violence, abuse, and relationship challenges women face. It started back then as a service that helped women and couples who want better- by owning their positions to have better relationships. Tina gives them the tools to express themselves authentically and ways to develop healthier boundaries in the relationship. As a teen domestic violence survivor, then insecure single parent, Tina had to OWN IT, empower herself, and learn to not bring baggage to a new marriage by OWNING it and utilizing the same tools she now teaches her clients. Fast forward to 2022, Under Konstruction has expanded and transformed to also help corporate leaders, organizations, individuals, couples, and teens globally communicate effectively in our diverse world. Tina helps business leaders and staff to identify their personal communication styles, improve staff communications in diverse work cultures, how to embrace conflict at work while also repositioning couples and individuals to pivot their relationships and reposition themselves after a personal relationship setback like cheating, breakup, abuse, or divorce. Her signature services include leadership, team building, diversity and inclusion workshops, teen and young adult workshops, VIP for couples, workplace mediation, and ladies’ night outs.

As a nonprofit leader, community facilitator, and advocate, Tina knows the power of giving back to her community and has been publicly recognized and awarded by Bermuda Government leaders for her service. She speaks and has sat on boards and committees to give back, some include The Transformational Living Centre – Steering Committee member, Teen Service Awards Committee Member, SCARS Facilitator, The Centre Against Abuse – Domestic Violence; Anger Management, Grief, and Forgiveness co- facilitator, The Lifeline – Lifers group at the Westgate Correctional Facility committee member, and with The Abuse Center for both Women and Children, and Domestic Abuse Centre for Women and Children.

Family is most important to Tina, she is the happy wife of 22 years to Shawn, and has two adult children that she is most proud of, son Mark and daughter Shauntia and an amazing grandson, Arai. She is also the daughter that still runs to her mom, Alvere for advice. One of her hobbies includes traveling because she loves the freedom to explore different cultures, people, clothing, and experiences. Tina loves to watch a boxing match because the principles remind her that in life no matter how many times you get knocked on the ropes or down, you can get back up and fight an honest round for your title. She loves the Lord and credits her personal and professional accomplishments a success through Him.


Friendships Are Overrated

Have you ever questioned your friendships? As the saying goes, if you want to know who your true friends are, go through something. Well, I have been through something, and although I knew who they were or wasn’t prior to going through, I am reminded today of my true friendships.

Although there are different levels of friendships, I have always been that friend to confide in, support (financially, spiritually, emotionally etc) and be that cheerleader for those in which I value.
I have been the mediator between couples, their children and other friends and family. I have been betrayed and chose to forgive. I have given of myself in times when I shouldn’t have. I have supported projects, family events and entrepreneurship adventures. Sadly, as I reflect on friendships today, I am reminded that many of my so called friendships are lopsided.

Who do I blame? Myself.  As I reflect on friendship, I am also reflecting on my participating in each of them. None of what I am seeing today came from out of no where. It’s been this way, I just chose to overlook it. However, as off today, I will no longer tolerate those people, places and things in which add little to no contribution to my life ( my life also includes my family).

Not sure if it’s my big bark, got it all together appearance, or my ability to accomplish what I pray for, but what I do know is that AS OFF TODAY, I will no longer fill my days honoring friendships that do not honor or value me.

I Choose Me


SISTAS! Why do we allow a guy to come between our greatness?

While out minding my own business yesterday, I overheard two ladies arguing over what seemed to be one guy. With tears in her eyes, the older sista seemed to be closely connected to him. As she pleaded with the younger sista to leave her family alone. The words that came next from the younger sistas mouth took me way back. She said, ” if he was that happy with you, he wouldn’t be with me.” She further said, “why don’t you just gjve him a divorce and be done with it.” Wow. I immediately felt a sense of pain for the younger sista as I knew it will not end well.

It reminded me of the many similar relationships that I had known of in the past. I, personally, have never been a recipient of waiting on a husband to leave his wife, but have been up close an personal with those who have been.

Sistas, it don’t work like that! If you are sharing saliva with another sista in hopes that he will leave her because you are sharing all of your tricks (bedroom goodies) with him, you are doing yourself a disservice. If he is married, it should automatically be hands off. I don’t care what he tells you. If things are that bad in the marriage, he would get a divorce. If he leaves you and goes home to his wife (children or not) thats where he wants to be. If he has moved in with you and is still someone else’s husband, you are selling yourself short.

Sistas, we are way more powerful when we work together. Why allow a man to degrade, disrespect and lie to you just to get him a little dessert on the side.

After the many episodes I have witnessed, here is what you can be left with if you choose someone elses husband.

* You become his permanent side chick* He leaves and moves in with you but remains married to another* He divorces and you live happily ever after until…* He divorces, you date and he marrys another* You find out there are 2 of you* You become the ex wife* …………

I can go on but will leave it right here for now.

Sistas you are WORTHY of having your own husband. You are worth so much more. How about lifting sistas up and telling their husbands to go home and look after them..

SignedI’ve seen it many times

When Life Hits You


When Life Hits You

Have you ever been awakened extremely early in the morning with 100 ideas running through your mind at once? Well, that was me today. Although really exhausted from helping my daughter to relocate from one address to another all week, and feeling disconnected from my regular daily responsibilities and chores, I knew that I had to get up and start writing.

There have been times in the past that I have had a major idea run through my mind but because I was too lazy to get up, I went back to sleep; only to discover that I had forgotten half of my ideas, once I was fully awake. Am I the only one who has experienced this?

I feel so accomplished. I have prepared my business newsletter, finished one article, and have started another, and have reviewed the materials for an upcoming training I am hosting.

Although my days usually start with prayer and meditation, I feel as though today was the start to something greater. This is the first time in a while that I have started my day with work that didn’t feel like work. It appeared to me that my greatest fear had happened. I always said that when I start my business, I never want to feel as though I was working. I never want to feel like I am pouring from an empty well. Then it hit me! I was pouring from an almost empty well. But no more.

Today, I have decided to re-commit myself to ME. Everything that I partake in will have a fresher outlook. It’s truly amazing how fast we can find ourselves in a slump due to our personal, social and business commitments. It is days like these that I pat myself on the back, not because I have it all together, but because I catch myself before I fall apart.

She’s back!