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Today, during a telephone conversation with a girlfriend, I was reminded of why I launched Under Konstruction.  We talked about our family, future aspirations, goals, and the things in which we are doing to reach them. It was at that moment when the lightbulb went off. I was not blogging! I have always wanted to blog. Personally, I find blogging very therapuetic. It allows me the freedom to express my thoughts, ideas, and advice to all of you. I have always written down my thoughts, doodled when bored, and referred to my past notes when attempting to refreshen my outlook on life, or prove a point to another lol.

I have always  been a person who loved to talk, write and provide support to those seeking something different.

Under Konstruction was birthed with the understanding that we as women, are forever evolving. Our intimate, family, social and professional relationships are always “Under Konstruction.” We deal with the good, bad and the ugly daily. All while wearing a mask.

Who am I, and what gives me this space as the founder? Well, I was that teenage girl who one day decided to remain in an abusive relationship with someone because he said he loved me. I was that girl whose self esteem had yet to evolve but thought I was an adult. I was that girl who allowed that relationship to suck all of the air out of my lungs. I was that girl who thought being a teen mom, and a high school drop out was cool. I was that girl who gave birth to a son before having a high school diploma, an active savings account, or a job. I was that girl who loved a party after my son went to sleep at night. I was that girl who chose my unhealthy relationship over friends. I was that girl who was raised in a single parent home of a hard working mom. I was that girl who was very clingy to my mom but never mentioned the abuse I endured. I was that girl who left the abusive relationship numerous times to find true love, only to return. I was that girl and so much more.

In spite of all of that, I was the girl who was a pro at covering up everything. I would put on a smile and be the support, advice, and direct verbal shooter for everyone else. All while dying on the inside. So if anyone asks, please share with them, that I was that girl.

After pushing aside my pride, embarrassment, and shame, I sought the necessary support and education that allowed me the time for self reflection and awareness that continues to encourage me to remove my mask.

Don’t get me wrong now, I can still work a mask (LOL). The difference today is, I choose not to wear one.

Revealing my authentic self to the world was one of the Mask I never thought I could remove.

Join me on this journey of being my authentic self, providing support, and sharing my experiences, advice and honesty

Yours truly