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SISTAS! Why do we allow a guy to come between our greatness?

While out minding my own business yesterday, I overheard two ladies arguing over what seemed to be one guy. With tears in her eyes, the older sista seemed to be closely connected to him. As she pleaded with the younger sista to leave her family alone. The words that came next from the younger sistas mouth took me way back. She said, ” if he was that happy with you, he wouldn’t be with me.” She further said, “why don’t you just gjve him a divorce and be done with it.” Wow. I immediately felt a sense of pain for the younger sista as I knew it will not end well.

It reminded me of the many similar relationships that I had known of in the past. I, personally, have never been a recipient of waiting on a husband to leave his wife, but have been up close an personal with those who have been.

Sistas, it don’t work like that! If you are sharing saliva with another sista in hopes that he will leave her because you are sharing all of your tricks (bedroom goodies) with him, you are doing yourself a disservice. If he is married, it should automatically be hands off. I don’t care what he tells you. If things are that bad in the marriage, he would get a divorce. If he leaves you and goes home to his wife (children or not) thats where he wants to be. If he has moved in with you and is still someone else’s husband, you are selling yourself short.

Sistas, we are way more powerful when we work together. Why allow a man to degrade, disrespect and lie to you just to get him a little dessert on the side.

After the many episodes I have witnessed, here is what you can be left with if you choose someone elses husband.

* You become his permanent side chick* He leaves and moves in with you but remains married to another* He divorces and you live happily ever after until…* He divorces, you date and he marrys another* You find out there are 2 of you* You become the ex wife* …………

I can go on but will leave it right here for now.

Sistas you are WORTHY of having your own husband. You are worth so much more. How about lifting sistas up and telling their husbands to go home and look after them..

SignedI’ve seen it many times