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Have you ever been pushed outside of your comfort zone by a new client? Well, that was me today. During our second session, Sarah (not her real name) mentioned that she wanted to reveal something to me since our first session, but did’t know where to start. Me being very persuasive, I convinced her to release it and move on. What came next had me all the way messed up (LOL). She started off by saying how she enjoys working with me, but feels guilty of the things in which she has done with someone I love (OO-KAY). She went on to say that it was her who once shared my ex partner and that she has always felt guilty about being the cause of him leaving me. At that point, I laughed hysterically! After catching myself, and gaining a six pack, I asked her if she felt better getting it off her chest. I also, released her of the guilt by informing her that I was not in love with him, and that I had left the relationship because I was unhappy. I further assured her that until acquiring me as her coach, I knew absolutely nothing about her. It was at the moment, I was at a cross road. Do I keep her as a client, or release her to someone she hadn’t any guilty feelings towards?

Long story short, she remains a client. After a few more minutes of her expressing her guilt and I informing that I was more happy for her releasing the guilt than anything, our session began.

I have been thinking about it ever since. Can you imagine how many women are walking around feeling guilty, and / or with a head filled with lies from your ex? Or have become enemies based off of lies. The sad thing about it all is that Sarah found out the hard way, that she wasn’t his “Special” victim.

As women, we need to be accountable for our actions and or responses. If he is running down his wife, girlfriend, ex-wife or baby mama, what do you think he would do to you?

I was once lost

ps: Sarah has given me permission to share in hopes of enlightening someone else.